What is it?

One of the main call to actions on any given email is for the user to click on a hyperlink. If you are looking for buttons, see this tutorial. You can use these handy premade links below as a starting point.

Things to consider in your hyperlinks:

  1. http://

    Make sure to include http:// or https:// in the href attribute. Links will not work without this

  2. Target

    We use target="_blank" as default on standard links, change this to _self or _top based on your own user experience requirements.

  3. Text Decoration

    Use the class "underline" if you wish to underline the link, otherwise leave it blank.

<!-- Standard link -->
<a href="http://cogentro.com" target="_blank" class="underline"><font color="#000000">Click here</font></a>

<!-- Email link -->
<a href="mailto:someone@cogentro.com?Subject=Hello%20World" target="_top" class="underline"><font color="#000000">Send Mail</font></a>